Civilized Landscapes (2017) / HD Video / 01:04

Civilized Landscapes begins with ambient sounds and looped frames from Paramount Picture’s 1960s painted landscape intro. This recontextualization thereby isolates the landscape away from its original profit oriented and promotional intent. The sequence is then compressed with over 50 years of different Paramount intros, immediately obliterating its newfound serene landscape while creating an overstimulating and overly commercialized scene.


Future Artifact, Plexus Projects Space, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 2018

Atlanta Film Festival, Plaza Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 2018

PARTICLE + WAVE, EMMEDIA, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2018

North Portland Unknown Film Festival, Disjecta, Portland, Oregon, USA, 2017

OFF THE WALL, Arts + Literature Laboratory, Madison, Wisconsin, USA, 2017 / Review here

Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, Rachel Browne Theatre, Winnipeg, Canada, 2017