The People of California v. The Simpsons (Excerpt) / (2018) / HD Video / 22:00

After being convicted for two counts of murder, O.J. Simpson famously fled the police on June 17th, 1994. The exciting and performative car chase memorized viewers as it was broadcasted live on CNN. The People of California v. The Simpsons combines the CNN audio of O.J. Simpson’s chase with looped frames from the intro of a 1994 episode of The Simpsons that aired the same day. This juxtaposition locates the live car chase into an empty living room where the television broadcast is being ignored. Additionally, the duration of the entire piece spans the 22 minute length of a standard episode of The Simpsons.


Contemporary Landscape, CICA Museum, Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, 2018